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Bitcoin Exchanges


Bitcoin Exchanges & Financial Institutions (and some of the defunct ones)

  • Exchanges
    • - US domestic exchange
    • - US domestic exchange for Bitcoin
    • - Buy and sell Bitcoin locally
    • Mt. Gox - Originally a Magic the Gathering Online Exchange, this online market has since morphed into the world’s largest Bitcoin to/from fiat currency exchange.  Mt. Gox was subjected to a notorious hack early in Bitcoin’s history which crashed the economy for months.
    • Virwox - Currency exchanges based around Linden Labs' Second Life - where it is possible to exhcange PayPal for Bitcoin (via SLL's)
  • Financial Institutions
    • - Peer to peer, Bitcoin lending, project funding & crowdsourcing (seems to be ridden with scamsters, unfortunately)
    • - A Bitcoin stock exchange, open 24/7
    • - Interest bearing deposit accounts, run by a reputable member of the community
    • - Another Bitcoin based stock exchange
    • - A US based stock exchange, which may limit its longevity
  • The Marketplace at
  • Defunct institutions