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Bitcoin Services


Bitcoin Servcies offered by BitcoinImaginality

Apart from explaining and getting wallet and client applications safely configured & installed, I've done the following bitcoin-related services:

  • Wallet / Key Recovery - by far the most asked for service - is "Can you recover my bitcoin / wallet for me?"  Well, that depends.  It's been done before, but there are some wallets which are corrupt or encrypted in such a way that extraction of keys is impossible. Thepywallet script at github is all that's really needed to extract keys from a wallet file. Once you have the key, a simple importprivkey command at the console will attempt the import.  Contact or Email for more information.
  • Investment Services - Understanding and forecasting of bitcoin securities.  Consulting clients and managing portfolios.  Wise investments in the ASIC / hardware space can yield amazing returns (Hello ASICMINER IPO holders!)  The pitfalls of investing in bitcoin securities and financial instruments are vast - avoiding these traps and less than honorable vehicles can make the difference between an ROI and not.
  • Mining - Hardware, software, forecasting, and the know-how to put it all together is what it takes to mine cryptocurrencies successfully.  It's important to be able to sense what is coming down the pipe as far as technologies, platforms, implementations, and alternate currencies go.  Like the bitcoin investments, mining can be seen as an investment too, and many times it's wiser to just put your resources to work via another mining method, rather than to try to manage it all yourself.  Just look at ASICMINER.
  • Implementation - Accpeting bitcoin at your place of business, whether it be a brick & mortar store, an e-commerce storefront, service industry or other - takes a bit of experience and technique to make a useful and worthwhile revenue stream.

If you have a question, or need help with something, feel free to contact or email bitcoinjim.